Hub-Uthal section of N-25 for National Highway Authority (NHA) PDF Print E-mail

Extension / Rehabilitation of Bridges on Hub Uthal Section of N-25 

ClientNational Highway Authority
90 Km

National Highway Authority appointed A.A. Associates for construction work for up-gradation, widening and improvement of Hub-Uthal section of N-25. Length of the section is approximately 90 Kms. Scope of services includes design for widening of six number of bridges:

  1. 32.6m long RCC Bridge at Km. 22+943
  2. 80.0m long RCC Bridge at Km. 36+940
  3. 108.0m long RCC Bridge (with Sote masonry pier) at Km. 54+600
  4. 18.1m long RCC Bridge at Km. 64+745
  5. 21.0m long RCC Bridge at Km. 78+035
  6. 100m long RCC Bridge (with Stone masonry pier) at Km. 83+780
Services provided by the firm are listed below:
  • Study of Topographic Survey data and confirmation survey
  • Soil Data
  • Inspection of Bridges / Condition Survey
  • Preparation of Inception Report
  • Study of drawings of existing bridges
  • Establishment of Design Criteria and Standards
  • Preparation of Drawings
  • Tender Documents
  • Engineer's Estimate
  • Design Report