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Karachi Northern Bypass (KNBP)


This is to inform the general public that A. A. Associates have never been involved in the design or supervision of Sher Shah Flyover that recently collapsed on Karachi Northern Bypass Package 1. The complete design of the Karachi Northern Bypass was assigned to ECIL by the National Highway Authority (NHA). For construction supervision the project was split into 2 packages by NHA where Package 1 was from Tower (KM 0+000) to Hamdard University (KM 32+000) and Package 2 was from Hamdard University (KM 32+000) to Super Highway (KM 56+000). The collapsed bridge is in part of Package 1.

Construction supervision of Package 1 was assigned to ECIL and Package 2 was assigned to A. A. Associates. A. A. Associates completed their assignment and opened the section to traffic in 2004.

Notices to GEO TV, Jang News and The News are being sent publicly retracting their recent news clips and reports wrongly naming our firm as being involved in the design of the collapsed structure and to clarify to the general public that our firm was not involved but their response is not deemed sufficient in undoing the damage that they have caused to our firm’s name.

In a very brief article published in The News on Monday, September 3, 2007 they claim that the Federal Minister for Communications, Shamim Siddiqi, mentioned at a press conference that our firm was “….. one of the consultants of the Northern Bypass…..” Based on this the above named news media have been implicating our firm as being the designer of this flyover.


Article in The Daily Times newspaper stating that "... the Communications Minister Shamim Siddiqui had mistakenly named AA Associates responsible for the collapse" in the last paragraph

Information about the project on ECIL’s own website

Information about the project on NHA’s website (ECIL is named as the Consultant) 

Article published in The News naming ECIL as the consultant of the collapsed bridge in paragraph 7


ClientNational Highway Authority
CostRs 665.251 million

National Highway Authority has appointed M/s A.A. Associates for providing construction supervision services for the project. Karachi Northern Bypass Takes off from ICI Bridge and terminate at Karachi - Hyderabad, Super Highway near New Sabzimandi Karachi / Al-Habib restaurant.

Project is consist of two packages PACKAGE - II (Assigned to A. A. Associates) starts from km 32+000, and terminates at Karachi - Hyderabad Super Highway 14 km from Sohrab Goth at km 56+638.

Average height of embankment is 1 to 1.5 meters approximately width of carriageway is 7.3 meters 2 lane with 2% cross slope, 2 (Two) bridges in alignment + 1 (One) interchange and 60 (Sixty) culverts.

Pavement structure is composed of Sub-grade 30 cm, Sub-base 25 cm, Aggregate base course 35 cm, Asphalt concrete base course 14 cm and Asphalt concrete wearing course 5cm.

The services provided include construction supervision, quality control and certification of payments etc.