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Scope of Services

The company offers turnkey design services that include:

  • Preliminary reconnaissance and survey
  • Corridor selection
  • Route alignment survey
  • Soil survey
  • Hydrological survey
  • Traffic studies and analysis
  • Capacity analysis and design
  • Geometric design
  • Drainage design
  • Structural design of pavements
  • Survey, testing and selection of construction materials
  • Project feasibility studies and optimization

AA are well equipped to carry out traffic engineering studies and have provided these services to various national agencies. The services offered include:

  • Design and implementation of on-site traffic studies and investigations including the location of observers and methods of recording information for traffic counts, origin and destination survey etc.
  • Collection and compilation of results of site investigations and traffic studies Analysis of results of traffic studies, traffic projections and forecasts, growth rates
  • Estimates of vehicle operating costs Design of intersections and traffic management studies
  • Capacity analysis
  • Design of traffic signaling systems and selection and placement of road signs
  • Analysis of operational requirements of traffic signals
  • Training

AA offer a wide spectrum of services related to the design of airport terminals. These include the complete design of :

  • Geometric and structural design of airport runways, pavements, taxiway and aprons
  • Complete design of aircraft hangars
  • Passenger and baggage handling facilities
  • High level car parks and other support facilities such as hotels, shopping centers, offices etc