Pakistan Motorway Islamabad Peshawar Section M-1 for National Highway Authority (NHA)

Pakistan Motorway Islamabad Peshawar Section M-1


ClientNational Highway Authority
Cost$ 456 million
Length152.2 km

National Highway Authority has appointed Pakistan Motorway Consultants comprising of M/s Engineering Consultants, M/s A.A. Associates, M/s Engineering Associates, M/s Snowy Mountain Engineering Corporation and M/s Lois Berger Int. for providing design review and construction supervision services for the project.

The Islamabad Peshawar Section (M-1) is a continuation of the Pakistan Motorway Project - Lahore Islamabad Section (M-2). M-1 is a 152.2 long six lane divided expressway. It crosses three major rivers, the Indus near Hund, River Haro north of Burhan, and Kabul River south of Nissata. Currently only 4 lanes are being provided. The other salient features of M-1 are: Interchanges - 5, Flyovers - 17, Major River Bridges - 3 Road Over Rail Bridges - 3, Culverts, cattle creeps & Underpasses. The estimated cost of M-1 is $ 456 Million (Rs. 26.862 Bill) Construction of M-1 will provide a modern and efficient road transport facility and will boost further development of country.

The services provided includes Design review and new bridge design over River Kabul and realign sections of Motorway, construction supervision, quality control and certification of payments etc.