Jail Chowk Intersection
Feasibility Study and Design of Jail Chowk Intersection Peshawar City



ClientFrontier Highway Authority

Feasibility Study was carried out for provision of grade-separate improvement at jail chowk to avoid traffic congestion particularly at peak hours and to separate conflicting traffic movements to improve the intersection at Jail Chowk Peshawar

The scope of Consultancy Services includes update topography, perform traffic on three different day of the week. Analyze turning movements and design traffic volumes on different links. Project to 10 and 20 years time horizons, determines lanes capacities. Prepare preliminary design of the underpasses, loops and slip roads, design road profiles. Analyze the need for geotechnical investigations, prepare necessary documentations for the engagement of a suitable specialist contractor by FHA supervise field work, select samples for laboratory tests and prepare geotechnical report giving foundation design parameters. Prepare PC-I and PC-II proformas and submit drafts of these for approval. Prepare the final proforma documents and submit in requisite copies. Prepare detailed design and working drawings, Bill of Quantities, tender and contract documents FHA to call and tenders and award the construction contract.