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Scope of Services
  • Carryout Topographical Surveys
  • Supervising Geotechnical Investigations including preparation of Documents
  • Preparation of Machinery Layout drawings in consultation with the Client and machinery supplier.
  • Preparation of Master Plans to indicate Main Process Buildings, Ancillary Structures, Utility Blocks, Infrastructures, such as Water Supply, Sewerage, Electrification, Effluent Treatment; Housing Colonies, Future Extensions and Future Land use etc.
  • Preparation of Site Grading Plans.
  • Preparation of Preliminary Estimates
  • Discussing Contract Packages with the Client including Preparation of Cost Estimate.
  • Prequalification of Contractors
  • Evaluation of Bids
  • Award of Works

In smaller projects the input of the Consultant is limited to Top Advisory Supervision while in larger projects fulltime supervision is proceeded by appointing resident staff to ensure conformity of the works with the Specifications.

In all industrial projects the Consultants measure the works and issue Interim and Final Payment Certificate.

At the end of job the Consultants issue Completion Certificates and provide the Client with As Built drawings.