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Steel Detailing Experience
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During the past decade, A.A.Associates has carried out extensive detailing of structural steelwork. Initially all the detailing work was carried out in Autocad environment. Lately on a team of highly qualified Engineers is taking place of conventional Autocad detailers to perform the future assignments in 3-Dimensional modelling and detailing software 'X-Steel' capable of generating shop and erection plans automatically once a 3-D model is prepared. A.A. Associates offer comprehensive services covering all aspects of detail engineering including Advanced Material list, Erection and Fabrication plans, CNC files and Bolt lists. AAA are well equipped to carry out detailing work of over 100 tons per week.

Some of the relevant prominent works are:

  • Seismic retrofitting of bridges in San Francisco, California, USA
  • New Road and Railroad bridges in USA
  • Preheater structures, Silo roofs, Conveyors and transfer stations of cement plants
  • Mill buildings of Coal Firing System of cement plants
  • Pipe racks of Oil fields
List of Projects

Featured Projects


Richmond - San Rafael Bridge (RSRB) Seismic Retrofit


San Francisco - Oakland Bay Bridge (SFOBB) Seismic retrofit of west span